The courses and programs found in the Family Solutions Group School will help make wellness possible through trauma recovery, parenting solutions, clinical services, and more.
Our courses are presented by registered psychologists, registered social workers, and clinicians.
Please review the courses offered to find one that is right for you.

Who Are We?

Family Solutions Group (FSG) is the organization behind the Family Solutions School. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, FSG is a vibrant coalition of services and programs including Kells Counselling and Crossroads Family Services.

Our overarching mandate is to make wellness possible for children, individuals, and families.

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Crossroads Family Services Logo
Crossroads Family Services

Crossroads Foster Care provides supports for children and foster families. Crossroads Disability Services provides caregiving services for individuals with extra needs.

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Solutions Intervention

This program offers family-centered treatment interventions designed for atypical children and their families. 

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Kells Counselling

Kells offers counselling, assessment, trauma recovery, and clinical services to help individuals who are struggling to learn, grow, and heal. 

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Need help navigating Family Solutions School?

For those orienting themselves to Family Solutions School, we offer a website guide! If you are struggling to navigate the school site, please click here to open a copy of the Family Solution School Introduction document.